How To Choose Safe Food Packaging


Exquisite food cannot be separated from packaging, bottle packaging, paper packaging, fruit and vegetable labels … and these packaging may cause big trouble if not used properly.

Straw: try to choose transparent, the brighter the color, the greater the safety hazards, especially when drinking hot drinks with a straw, the harmful substances will be dissolved along with it, which may cause damage to the liver and kidneys. Use disposable straws and try to choose transparent , Individually packaged straws.

Cans: Pull ring printing is not safe. Most cans are exposed to the outside as a whole. They are easily contaminated by dust, microorganisms, etc. during transportation and storage. It is easier to hide dirt at the pull ring, and directly face the can with your mouth. Drinking is likely to cause illness. In addition, some companies use ink to print “one more can” in the inner ring for promotion, which will also pose a threat to human health.

Bagged milk: Wash and pack before drinking. Bagged milk packaging usually has a lot of patterns and words printed on it. Most of these dyes contain lead. They can be bitten with your mouth open for long-term drinking, which is easy to poison and affect the blood and gastrointestinal system. Therefore, when drinking milk, try to clean the package first, cut it with clean scissors, and pour it into a cup to drink.

Tin foil; do not add seasoning. Use tin foil or aluminum foil to prevent meat from scorching. However, the amount of lead in tin foil is as high as about 50%. If it is inhaled into the respiratory tract, it will deposit in the lungs and cause chronic poisoning. When using tin foil or aluminum foil, if seasoning sauce or lemon juice is added to the ingredients, the acid substances in it will precipitate tin and aluminum, so it is best not to add seasoning sauce or lemon.

Paper cup: The bottom of the cup can not be worn with “flower犀利士
clothes”. Paper cups sold in some wholesale markets are still randomly printed. It is recommended that you pay attention to choosing “paper cups with a cup opening 15 mm from the cup body and a cup bottom with no printed pattern within 10 mm from the cup body”.

Plastic wrap: Don’t pack oily foods. Plasticizer is a plastic additive that plays a role in increasing the elasticity of plastics. It will ooze when it comes in contact with fats. After long-term accumulation, it will cause decreased immunity and reproductive capacity. Cardiovascular, liver and urinary systems will also be accompanied by “injuries “The damage may also be passed on to the next generation.

Fruit and vegetable labels: Adhesives are hazardous to health. Vegetables in supermarkets and markets are usually bundled with tapes of various colors for sale, and some fruits are also labeled on the surface. In fact, the adhesive in these tapes or labels contains benzene and other harmful chemicals, which will penetrate into the food and cause people to have symptoms such as vomiting, stomach pain, dizziness, and insomnia.